Last week, Belgian singer Sennek who is going to represent her country at Eurovision 2018, released her song “A Matter of Time”. And we did an amazing interview with her. Here it is below:


Hi Laura first of all I want to say thank you so much again for accepting my interview request. So let’s start 🙂

For the beginning, can you explain yourself to us, I mean what are you doing in your daily life? I know you’re working in IKEA as a visual merchandiser but Turkish fans wants to learn more.

Well, I start and end my day by doing Vinyasa Yoga on my yoga mat at home. I learned it from my sister. For me, it’s mainly a way to relax.Besides that, I also like knickknacks. I like visiting flea markets or second-hand shops, looking for cool things for my home.


Secondly, I want from you to tell the making process of “A Matter of Time”. How was the song created and what was your reaction when you first heard it?

Well, I did a lot of co-writing sessions with other artists to find the perfect song. When we wrote A Matter Of Time, we knew it was special. I wrote this song together with Alex Callier from the Belgian band Hooverphonic and with the French producer Maxime Tribeche. For me, A Matter Of Time is timeless and elegant and it has a melancholy side that tells a strong story: it’s about being able to see beauty in things that are fleeting. The tension of watching something precious slip away and finding the beauty and that. It makes you appreciate things more and you realize that there’s also great beauty in the little things that we have. We were all so happy when we were recording it in the studio, it was an amazing feeling.


Did anything happen interesting or funny when you were recording the videoclip or during the postcard shootings?

Not during the rcording of the video clip, but something funny did happen when we were writing the song “A Matter Of Time”. So I wrote the song together with Alex Callier and Maxime Tribeche. When I was sitting in Alex’s home, ready for a writing session, his elegant glass tea pot fell and broke. The next day, we had our first line for the song: sometimes it feels like it’s meant to be broken. That’s how A Matter Of Time started out. We incorporated this image of the falling tea pot in the video clip as well.


When you learnt you’re going to represent Belgium, what did you think? Can you share your first thought with us?

I was asked by our public broadcaster to represent Belgium. It was a surprise for me but also a big honour. Since it’s an important decision, I didn’t say yes right away but thought about for a little while. I’m so happy that I got this chance and I’m very excited to be on that big stage in Lisbon.


Did you have a chance to listen to the songs that selected so far? Which country do you like best and what is your goal in Lisbon?

Definitely, I’ve listened to them all! I really like France a lot. My goal for Lisbon is to make Belgium proud and to be able to touch people with my performance.


Eurovision is a huge arena for the European singers and staging is one of the keys for success. Are you planning anything about your staging? Are we going to see a dark stage?

We’re still working on the act, so I can’t say anything definitive yet. Of course we will work hard to make the staging fit the song perfectly.


Also, since 2015 Belgium is considered in favorites thanks to the successful results. Your song is great and favorite but it’s a contest so anything can happen. Are you feeling this pressure?

Yes! But it’s healthy pressure. You have to set the bar high. We’re also not going to copy or imitate anyone. I’m bringing something completely different.


Finally, as you know Turkey haven’t participated in Eurovision since 2012. But do you know any of our songs competed before? And what is your message for your fans in Turkey?

Of course! I loved Hadise’s Dum tek tek, I’m a big fan of it! To everyone in Turkey I would like to say: thank you for reading this and for wanting to get to know me a bit better. I hope you will all love my song A Matter Of Time as much as I do, and maybe we’ll see each other at one of the pre parties or in Lisbon!

We said “Thank you” to Sennek that she gave the opportunity to know her better. If you like, let us know.

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